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Welcome to another Summer Sale! I have been passed the torch of copy pasting the same old AFFIRMATIVE written guide of years prior and slapping a "Summer 2022" title on it. The summary of anything that can be acquired will be posted on the bottom, as most in-depth key points in this guide stay the same as the last few years, aside for a couple of minor changes here and there, so i'll repost them again for awareness and for people new to the major steam sales.

Traffic is always high during the big sales, so there might be some server issues and delays when navigating the store. It usually subsides after the first day.

The Steam Summer Sale along with its Winter Sale variant, are the two biggest sale events on steam. Many games will be discounted for people to purchase them at their possibly lowest price, only to collect them in their backlog of other games, contemplating which game they might want to play out of them all, and eventually ending up never playing any of them.

Here's a list of every single event that happened on Steam

Likewise one should always check any 3rd party stores, as they can potentially have prices lower than the steam sale itself. Stores such as:

One could also of course search for discounts on grey markets, such as key resellers sites like G2A and Gamivo. Due to their structure having any normal person selling key, there will always be a risk of not getting valid keys from your purchases, so use them at your own risk.

To check the discount history of a game, visit and search any game of your interest and check their history of discounts on the steam platform, or from third party sites.

To check the current discounts, visit and search with any filter you want on this sale's prices. Likewise subreddits such as GamesDeals are always helpful informing everyone of new discounts.

If you're using the steam browser, extensions such as Augmented Steam[] (also on
Firefox[]) changes the informational interface of your steam store to contain more useful info about a game, their regional pricing, and history of discounts, alongside information about your activity on the platform.

Steam Summer Sale "Steam 3000" Trading Cards
You need 10 of them to craft a Summer Sale badge:
  • You can get 1 card per day using the discovery queue and it will reset with a new card drop every day at 17:00 UTC

You can also get these cards by:
  • Trading with friends.
  • Drops from purchasing on the Steam Store. (Approximately 1 card every $10 spent on the Store)
  • Crafting badges from other games. 1 badge crafted will give you 1 steam summer sale card card.
  • Purchasing them directly from the Community Market

No matter what you purchase on the Steam Store, you will receive approximately 100 points per 1$ spent, in order to buy items from the point shop. You can purchase various amounts of backgrounds, animated avatars, showcase upgrades, emoticons and the sorts.

You can spend 1,000 points to receive or upgrade your seasonal badge, this time with a newly added summer one. 1000 points will net you 100xp, which can be upgraded 20 times. Likewise spending points to award people will give you 10xp per award, and 10xp per award received.

You can visit an interactive Clorthax's Summer Quest, click on the game banner if you found the right game to unlock the next clue. Note, you may have to click on the 'show more' or scroll through the various carousels with banners to find the right game. After unlocking the 10 clues, you will be awarded with the Steam 3000 profile on the quest page, along with avatars, stickers, and the unique badge below.

Here is the Clorthax's Summer Quest[] badge. You can only level up to Badge Level 10 (250 XP). No need to rush, the badge can be acquired throughout the entire duration of the sale.

Here are some links which will give you the hint for the correct games to select in Clorthax's Summer Quest:

  • Crafting any badges grants you a summer sale card and you can use the exploration queue to get 1 free card per day, requiring a total of 10 cards to craft a Summer Sale Badge.

  • Any game you purchase on the steam store will give you points to spend in the shop. You will receive approximately 100 points per 1$ spent. The shop contains a myriad of items and customization for your steam profile, alongside the seasonal badge you can purchase it and upgraded it up to level 20. You also get 10xp for each steam award you give or you receive (xp rewards might be reduced the more awards you accumulate). Awards can be given away to various social venues, like people's screenshots, mods, reviews, profiles etc.

  • Visit the interactive Clorthax's Summer Quest, click on the game banner if you found the right game to unlock the next clue. After unlocking the 10 clues, you will be awarded with the Steam 3000 profile on the quest page, avatars, stickers, and the unique badge. You can view all the Clorthax's Summer Quest[] badge. You can only level up to Badge Level 10 (250 XP).

  • All prices will remain the same throughout the entire sale.

  • Be sure to also consult 3rd party stores, as Steam itself might not always have the cheapest prices.

As a reminder, please be wary of any scams or any stranger adding you as a friend that could exploit your lack of knowledge on the market or the steam platform. Use sites like,, to do a background check on any person you trade with. Many scammers do not necessarily have negative reputation accumulated, as many use alt accounts to take advantage of people. Low level often private accounts with no inventory value are a good start to remain wary.

Check for a list of known methods people use to scam users.

If there are any questions about the event or anything that we might've missed, be sure to comment below or tell us directly on our discord[], and i'l update the post accordingly.

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