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Read before buying Admin/Vip

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Apr 22, 2020
*Please Read the following content before you buy any of our services.*

  1. First of all its important to link your steam id and discord id(If you want the role on discord) with your account by going *here*
  2. For Sourcemod games like CS:GO, TF2, etc. your Admin/Vip will activate immediately after successful purchase. (In some cases it activate after map change)
  3. For CS 1.6 you can message any of the staff member on forum or discord(FAST Reply) and your Admin/Vip will be activated within 12 hours.
  4. We are only accepting PayPal for now but new Payment Methods will be available in future, if you are unable to pay using PayPal you can contact Staff Member for assistance.

(Note: Buying the ADMIN/VIP will enable your ADMIN/VIP across all our servers!)
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