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Zombie CSO [NEW] CS1.6 Gamersnest Zombie Plague :ZM CSO


Administrator & Server Management Support
Staff member
Dec 12, 2020
Hey there cs1.6 players!. We gamersnest brought u guys a brand new game mode. nothing big other than the fun itself!.

i Present you GamersNest ZM CSO server [ IP: ]

Whats So good about it?

-No AP system so you won't have to worry about those rich dudes buy big chunks of AP for money and dominate the area
-NON PAY TO WIN! game play
-Level system to unlock guns and other extra items
-Balanced Zombie Attributes to give the zombies a chance to bite the humans
-Money system : well there must be a way to buy extra items,money system is there to buy the guns, you shoot z's you get money Duh!
-Loot Boxes with rewards which spawns time to time/Killing the first zombie.
-Knife menu with different Stats to bring more fun to the battlefield
-Killer FPS
-Fast AF Download speed
-Best CSO Player models, i mean c'mon ITS CSO! IT HAS BETTER MODELS THAN HALF LIFE!
-And Privileges...hold up best part is you can request for adminship after you play a total of 60hours! \(*0*)/

Game Reources

-Different varities of gun sections in the buy menu (automachines,shotguns,pistols,machineguns,etc...)
-Privilege menu's
-Game modes: Boss aka Nemesis, Survivor, Swarm, Multiple-infect, Plague.

VIP Member Privileges

-100 Armor
-200 HP
-Grenade Pack
-Skull 3
-AT4EX (rocket launcher)
-[GOLD] Deagle
-[GOLD] AK47

Tesla (energyball zombie)

VIP knife
50 armor at the begining of every round
VIP Member Skin

ADMIN Privileges

-Chainsaw Knife (Super Knife)
-Admin Skin
-Basic Admin Commands
-Game Mode menu


Little Gangster
Staff member
Apr 24, 2020
Reminder : @EnZo if there is any update please update this post. thanks,
Note : Thread moved to the right section.
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