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Humble Bikes Book Bundle


Epic Staff


Humble Bikes Book Bundle​

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Pay what you want starting at $1. The weather’s getting better, time to get those cleats on! Get Bicycle/Race: Transportation, Culture, & Resistance and more! Don't miss Humble Bundle's newest eBook bundle!

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This bundle contains:​

  • Bicycle Culture Rising #4: How Kittie Knox Made Bicycling for Everyone
  • Bicycle/Race: Transportation, Culture, & Resistance
  • Bikenomics: How Bicycling Can Save the Economy
  • Bikequity: Money, Class, & Bicycling
  • Bikes Not Rockets: Intersectional Feminist Bicycle Science Fiction Stories
  • Bikes in Space: Feminist Bicycle Science Fiction
  • Bikes in Space: Volume II: More feminist science fiction
  • Biketopia: Feminist Bicycle Science Fiction Stories in Extreme Futures
  • Bipedal, By Pedal! #3: A history of bicycle activism in Portland, OR
  • Chainbreaker Bike Book: An Illustrated Manual of Radical Bicycle Maintenance, Culture, & History
  • Culinary Cyclist: A Cookbook and Companion for the Good Life
  • Cycletherapy: Grief and Healing on Two Wheels
  • Dragon Bike: Fantastical Stories of Bicycling, Feminism, & Dragons
  • Everyday Bicycling: Ride a Bike for Transportation (Whatever Your Lifestyle)
  • How to Ride Slow: Bicycling in the age of whatever topic is trending on social media this minute
  • Our Bodies, Our Bikes
  • Paleo for Unicorns: Eat the Patriarchy
  • Pedal, Stretch, Breathe: The Yoga of Bicycling
  • Taking the Lane #1: Sharing the road with boys
  • Taking the Lane #2: Revolution Every Damn Day
  • Taking the Lane #4: Sexy on the Inside
  • This is Portland: The City You've Heard You Should Like
  • Trans-Galactic Bike Ride: Feminist Bicycle Science Fiction Stories of Transgender and Nonbinary Adventurers
  • True Trans Bike Rebel
  • Urban Revolutions: A Woman's Guide to Two-Wheeled Transportation
  • Velocipede Races, The
  • Why We Drive: The Past, Present, and Future of Automobiles in America
  • Women on Wheels
  • Zoom!

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