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General & Admin Server rules


Administrator & Server Management Support
Staff member
Dec 12, 2020
1. Zombie: main objective: Zombie are forced to attack, not allowed to stay AFK for a long period of time, to be killed by another player for money.
2. Human: main objective: Eliminate all zombies or Survive untill round end.
3. Do not spam in the chat asking for money transfers or extra-items/weapons
4. Do not ask game modes from admins, wait untill a vote is begun
5. Follow Commands of senior administrators
6. Using vulgar,offensive,racist,or any other inappropriate language will lead to a gag of 5/10/20/60 minutes duration


1. Abusing power will not be tolerated and will result on adminship suspension and 1 week ban
2. Spamming the Vote command will lead on a adminship suspension for 7 days
3. Using inappropriate language to define or identify something or someone in any way will not be tolerated and will lead to a suspension of his/her adminship for 2 weeks
4. Respecting the Admin rules and obeying commands of senior instructors is a must.
5. Ban logs/Evidence/reasons/demo of the banned person must be provided if the banned person need an unban request in order to find if he/she was given an innocent ban


- Demo's or other evidence will be reviewed and judged by demo reviewers or the server managers, server admins do NOT have the power to review or judge any demo or any other evidence.

-Demo or any other evidence must be provided by admins and the person who requested an unban. if one of the 2 persons did not provide any evidence, will result in an account suspension or a permanent ban
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