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  1. ReDWinG

    CS 1.6 TEAM

    @ReDWinG @EnZo @cplbitch @Hawken @S m i l e Y ツ @jujé @Jack Daniel's [NFA] @jujé @Jack Daniel's [NFA] @Mia [NFA] @Deea [NFA] @May [NFA] @MTW [NFA] @G1Rl Fr1END @Light#Show|yung NONE
  2. ReDWinG


    Hello & Welcome Gamers! This is the section for Administrator & Server Management Applications This post will contain everything about it, so please take at least 5-10 min of your life reading carefully You should make sure that you follow the 3/3 rules Requirements or else your application...
  3. ReDWinG

    Rules CS1.6 General & Admin/Servers Rules

    No racism allowed & Insulting or abusive language is highly restricted Using Racist, Sexist, Excessive Profanity, Offensive Comments or Words in the game in any context to any person will result in a ... 1 day Ban. Harassing players is highly restricted Abusing or Harassing Server Admins...
  4. ReDWinG

    Rules Forum Rules & Guidelines [Q&A]

    No Spam / Advertising / Self-promote in the forums ⚠️ These forums define spam as unsolicited advertisement for goods, services and/or other web sites, or posts with little, or completely unrelated content. Do not spam the forums with links to your site or product, or try to self-promote your...
  5. ReDWinG

    Accepted Admin Application - jujé

    Accepted. You will have vip/admin access over Public/FY/KZ Servers. Good Luck. Do not disappoint me
  6. ReDWinG

    Game Suggestion [ZP] Extra Item: Concussion Grenade & Strip Bomb

    sounds great for me , but sadly i'm not the maker of the zp server, even tho @S m i l e Y ツ @EnZo will decide if it a good idea, but for me i tottaly agree with you taloon, and i like the way of you explaining stuff, and i love how you stick with us. thanks for your suggestion. and please next...
  7. ReDWinG

    Accepted Lasermine: Still a pending issue?

    Accepted. Closed & Moved. @S m i l e Y ツ @EnZo <don't forget to add snadbags.
  8. ReDWinG

    Game Suggestion (ZombieTag) Adding More Fun to Mods :D

    that sounds fun :D, i used to play this on lgk/LS and gamergirls . let see what the others have to say @EnZo @S m i l e Y ツ
  9. ReDWinG

    Accepted Lasermine: Still a pending issue?

    i would say the sandbag are better. limited to 2 bags per round, because humans are not too OP like the vip humans, just to make that point clear. even their weapons, and the vip zombie have a lot of hp too. so sandbags is a great idea,. The Suggestion will stay Open/In Hold to see what the zp...
  10. ReDWinG

    Accepted Lasermine: Still a pending issue?

    Stay tight, the server managers & head admin will decide as soon, as they are online. @S m i l e Y ツ @EnZo @anaconda @G1Rl Fr1END . Suggestion IN HOLD. Stay safe out there and thanks for your time.
  11. ReDWinG

    Soul Ohayo Senpai Im New :D

    that what she said! welcome to gamersnest hope you enjoy your stay with us. and enzo is gay, don't tell him about that
  12. ReDWinG


  13. ReDWinG

    Soul Hi Im New

    Hello & Welcome, i hope you enjoy your stay with us! much love.
  14. ReDWinG

    Stop running and they will found you.

    Stop running and they will found you.
  15. ReDWinG

    Soul eRwin Says Hello :D

    Soul : Mono (Aka ReDWinG/eRwin) Pronouns : He/Him Roots : Africa - Algeria - Alger (16) Algerian Backstory : Hey! my name is Ghazi Fateh , but you can call me fate or any of my both nicknames, i'm 21 years old, made it lately (7 feb (2000) ), still young tho. i'm a game developer i work...
  16. ReDWinG

    News The Perfect Soul

    Tell us about yourself, be a perfect soul with a perfect introduction. Soul: (Nickname or real name) Pronouns: He/Him . She/Her Roots: (Country / Address) Backstory: Tell us about yourself :D Welcome eo every new member, hope you enjoy your stay with us, much love <3.
  17. ReDWinG

    Zombie CSO [NEW] CS1.6 Gamersnest Zombie Plague :ZM CSO

    Reminder : @EnZo if there is any update please update this post. thanks, Note : Thread moved to the right section.
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