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  1. EnZo

    Denied xXArzxuXx's GamerNest Application V2

    As u know we are focusing on experienced members in gaming/content creating/graphic designing/scripting fields for this role, and you are lacking the experience of any of those fields as mentioned in your application above. And as @eRwin said we can consider about the discord managing stuff. As...
  2. EnZo


  3. EnZo

    Zombie CSO Request Upgrades

    Title: Req Upgrade [Name] Name: Age: Current Rank: Upgrade rank: Note: -upgrades will be applied after being reviewed and within 24 hours -spamming upgrade requests will result on a downgrade or suspension -Upgrade request can be made Upto "Super Moderator" Rank
  4. EnZo

    Zombie CSO Request Admin Format

    FORMAT Title: Req Adminship [Name] Name: Age: Level: Country: How much can you boost the server: Gametracker link: Experience of being an admin: Suggestions: Requirements before Requesting -Minimum age: 15 -Minimum Level: 35 -Minimum Hours: 60 hours
  5. EnZo

    Zombie CSO Request Slot Format

    FORMAT TITLE: Request slot [Name] Name: Hours played: Gametracker link of your account: likes and dislikes of the server:
  6. EnZo

    Zombie CSO [NEW] CS1.6 Gamersnest Zombie Plague :ZM CSO

    Hey there cs1.6 players!. We gamersnest brought u guys a brand new game mode. nothing big other than the fun itself!. i Present you GamersNest ZM CSO server [ IP: ] Whats So good about it? -No AP system so you won't have to worry about those rich dudes buy big chunks of AP...
  7. EnZo

    Format Demo Reviewer Rules & Application Format

    DEMO REVIEWER RULES! 1.Must be fluent in English 2.Respect the High ranked members 3.Must not be biased and must not keep grudges against the members 4.Must watch the demo's,Screenshots or any other video evidences properly and judge the player and should give the correct end result 5.If an...
  8. EnZo

    Format Instructions & DNS Request format (server application format)

    Instructions: 1. A new thread must be posted with the title "Request DNS" in https://forums.gamersnest.org/index.php?forums/122/ 2. Gametracker or any other game server tracking link must be included 3. Servers which are not tracked by game server tracking sites will result in removal of sub...
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