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  1. ReDWinG

    Announcement Staff Application. [Closed]

    Staff applications are currently closed! you can apply for server admin or else.. This post will be updated when the applications are open. Good Luck Gamers!
  2. ReDWinG

    Format Cheaters/Hackers Report Format

    Follow The Following Format : Nick : SteamID : Reason : Demo : Admins On Servers : Game : Server : Date : The Report will be checked from our staff as fast as possible. Good luck & see you in game.
  3. ReDWinG

    Soul eRwin Says Hello :D

    Soul : Mono (Aka ReDWinG/eRwin) Pronouns : He/Him Roots : Africa - Algeria - Alger (16) Algerian Backstory : Hey! my name is Ghazi Fateh , but you can call me fate or any of my both nicknames, i'm 21 years old, made it lately (7 feb (2000) ), still young tho. i'm a game developer i work...
  4. ReDWinG

    News The Perfect Soul

    Tell us about yourself, be a perfect soul with a perfect introduction. Soul: (Nickname or real name) Pronouns: He/Him . She/Her Roots: (Country / Address) Backstory: Tell us about yourself :D Welcome eo every new member, hope you enjoy your stay with us, much love <3.
  5. ReDWinG

    Rules Unban Rules Application

    Those are the following rules, read before posting thanks. No Application Spamming. No Staff Pinging. No Admin Pinging. No Reply/Post Spamming. No Wrong information. Only post if the ban was unfair/wrong/per mistake. Always add a prefix to your application. Proves are needed in the application...
  6. ReDWinG

    Format Unban Format Application

    This is the following Format, please follow it carefully or your post gonna be Banned/Denied. Nick Name : SteamID : Game : Server : Admin : Reason : Length : Link : (Demo/Screenshot) Good Luck Gamers!
  7. ReDWinG

    Rules CS1.6 Admin Rules

    Those are the admin rules in Gamersnest CS1.6 Servers, Like the following : No Abusing. No Banning for no reason. No Kicking for no reason. No Slapping for no reason. No Muting/Gagging for no reason. No Map changing, only if 5 min is left, from the time limit. No Overreacting. Doing your...
  8. ReDWinG

    Rules CS 1.6 General Rules

    Those are the following CS1.6 Gamersnest Official General Rules : No Racism. No Harassment. No Insulting. No Begging. No Cheating. No Hacking. No NSFW Sprays. No NSFW Nicks. No NSFW Steam Profile Pictures. No Ban Avoiding. No Spamming. No Mic Spamming. No Flooding. No Mic Flooding. No...
  9. ReDWinG

    CS 1.6 Free 1 Week VIP For New Users

    Simple & Easy Just Leave Your Nickname & SteamID Down Below. Nick : SteamID : Game : Server :
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