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Recent content by Dare Devil

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    Criteria To Join

    It is much Simple to join our clan Contact Any clan Admin And answer the Questions : You must have a minimum 1 year Experience Steam is necessary , In case you dont have steam then you must have skills + trusted source to Confirm you ( example : Gmail ) Why you are interested In clan Will...
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    New Group Created - GuNsNGloRy

    Dare Devil has created a new group called GuNsNGloRy. We are players of cs1.6 and play competitive and serious matches over community. Clan wars are done over weekly basis. This is Friendly clans Usually made for scrims and Relationships on Internationl standards . I am looking for Good skilled...
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    Clan Registration- GUNS AND GLORY

    Name of Clan?: GUNS AND GLORY Where is the clan located?: Europe , Asia ( we are ready to expand more) Clan platforms? (Discord,steam,whatsapp): Discord : Link : https://discord.gg/EzmxCzM Steam : Link : https://steamcommunity.com/groups/GuNsNG How do I join the clan?: Contact us on...
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    Random/Trash haha

    better have real jokes or be like weirdo!
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