[ZP] Extra Item: Concussion Grenade & Strip Bomb


Lets start With Concussion Grenade :
This plugin adds new weapon to zombie plague - concussion grenade.When grenade explodes it doesn't
do any damage, but it starts to make hallucinations to players, such as
screen shake, screen fade, recoil changes.Btw, this item for zombies
Now the Strip bomb :D
Are you iritated by idiotic peoples which buy 10000000 armor and you can't infect them whiteout Infect Bomb ? Here comes your salvation,Strip Bomb.Strip Bomb can remove players armor and you can easly infect them.
Notice : Zombies will No longer Hide or Rush for anti dote , game will be fair enough , no more rage Quit , and much More Suggestions are coming
Staff team Im kinda Sorry but we need to work hard to approve our server and make it better <3
I guess i can help with Files to make it faster


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sounds great for me , but sadly i'm not the maker of the zp server, even tho @S m i l e Y ツ @EnZo will decide if it a good idea, but for me i tottaly agree with you taloon, and i like the way of you explaining stuff, and i love how you stick with us. thanks for your suggestion.
and please next time put a prefix on your post :D (Gamer Suggestion/Forum Suggestion) simple step by clicking here .


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the suggestion sounds good, i like the idea of the concussion grenade, but the strip bomb will be useless because we are limiting the armor purchase soon.