CS1.6 General & Admin/Servers Rules

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  • No racism allowed & Insulting or abusive language is highly restricted

Using Racist, Sexist, Excessive Profanity, Offensive Comments or Words in the game in any context to any person will result in a ... 1 day Ban.

  • Harassing players is highly restricted

Abusing or Harassing Server Admins or other Players will result a... Kick or a 1 day Ban.

  • No Cheating & Hacking or using any kind of Scripts

Cheating, using an external script/program not accessible in the standard game or any subsequent universal patch to kill many users with an unfair advantage will result in a. Permanent Ban. Cheaters will not be tolerated, they will be banned without a warning. (If you were wrongfully banned, you have 7 days to post an Unban Appeal from the time of the ban or we will not be held accountable).

  • Advertisement is forbidden

Any Spamming or any Advertising in the servers will result in a... Kick. If you keep breaking this rule you will get Banned for (ADVERSTING = PERMANENT BAN)

  • Glitch & Bugs are high unfair & restricted

Skywalking and Camping on a glitch in a map is NOT allowed. Seen as unfair advantage, any player that decides to go against this server rule will result in a... Slap or Slay. If you keep breaking this rule you will get Kicked or Banned for 10 minutes.

  • Mic or Chat spamming are forbidden

Spamming and Flooding the chat accusing other players of hacking and not letting Server Admins do their job alerting potential hackers will result in a... Kick or Gag.
Microphone Spamming or excessive microphone chatter while alive not chatting about tactics harassing and annoying other players playing in the current server will result in a... Kick or Gag.

  • Ban Avoiding & SteamID/IP Changer is highly restricted
Changing IP or Switching Steam Accounts to work around or bypass a ban will result in a Permanent Ban.

These rules are to be OBEYED by all & any admins regardless of their rank or status!

  1. Always be respectful to each and every player as well as admins on the server.
  2. Be mature & handle any issues on server.
  3. Mind your own & other players language.
  4. Always ensure you do not use your access / privileges for the wrong reasons/purpose.
  5. All admins are required to speak English only.


  1. CT's are not allowed to camp on cs_ maps, instead they have 30 seconds to move from spawn and try to save the hostages.
  2. T's are not allowed to camp on de_ maps, instead they have 30 seconds to move from spawn and try to plant the C4.
  3. C4 holder is not allowed to camp, and he obliged to plant the C4.
  4. Dropping C4 where no teammate can pick it up is highly restricted.
  5. T's Killing hostages is highly restricted.
  6. Wallhacking - Aimbot are highly restricted.

  1. Scripts are highly restricted.
  2. Autobhop - Speedhacking - Slowhack are highly restricted.
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