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Criteria To Join

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Dare Devil

May 15, 2020
It is much Simple to join our clan Contact Any clan Admin And answer the Questions :
  1. You must have a minimum 1 year Experience
  2. Steam is necessary , In case you dont have steam then you must have skills + trusted source to Confirm you ( example : Gmail )
  3. Why you are interested In clan
  4. Will you be available for wars with other clan
  5. Are you considering to share your problems with us as a Family
  6. Must know English
  7. If you have any Ban history or problems in past , must be known by the admin , else if chosen as member and we found it later may cause serious issue
  8. .Are you Regular CS player or plays at free time ( Job or Study )
  9. you must be age 15 or older
  10. No more Questions Enjoy your life!

I will be looking forward for your problem and Queries regarding these policies Please kindly don't mind of the Restrictions , Having fun is our main priority.

NOTE: We reserve the rights to change our rules as per our requirements.
Not open for further replies.
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